Saka ® Core Fit for Women 30 min. classes

Saka ® Core Fit for Women 30 min. classes

The Saka Online Women's program is all encompassing. Follow the Saka classes by the month, part A and B monthly, to get you through your 3 Month Challenge leading you to our in-person retreat celebration in June. Upon joining, make sure you have joined the Saka private Facebook group and community to get all of the information leading up to our retreat. And a support system and community with other Saka members who are women like you, including Patrice and Camille (the Saka team) who are also getting through the 3 months with you. You are not alone. Let's encourage one another like Saka sisters do. :)

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Saka ® Core Fit for Women 30 min. classes
  • START HERE - Saka Core Fit Introduction

    This is your introduction to Saka and it explains what Saka is, how and why Saka came online and how to enjoy Saka online while getting the same great benefits in a more self guided, accountable, personal way compared to our classes in person. It also shares how we can dance in person again on ou...

  • Saka® Core Fit for women 30 minute class A - April

    Alternate the class A and B throughout the month of April, May and June. It's a great way to kick off and go through our 3 month challenge for yourself. (Make sure to join our Facebook encouragement group. ) Also, make sure to follow the Instruction in the introduction video labeled "START HERE"...

  • Saka ® Core Fit for Women 30 minute class B - April

    Let's get started now!! Join in as I get fit with Saka at the pool. I'll be adding our classic classes mixed with new choreography. Think of something you are grateful for and let's get ready to PARTY Saka ® style!!!!!

  • Saka ® Meditation video for after class #1

    Use this under 2 minute Saka meditation video if you need additional cooling down and to rest your mind after class and pray for healing of your body. This christian based, meditation technique can be used any time you need it.