Saka ® Core Fit for Women Nonprofit

$24.99 a month after 3-day free trial

Saka ® is a nonprofit dance and wellness program for women the aids in their overall and holistic self care. It's a healthy balance of sensuality and spirituality. We work the whole body, especially the core with a fun-filled dance focused class that uses Afri-Caribbean, Latin and internationally inspired dances and movements. It includes a yearly 3 month challenge, accountability facebook community and workshops leading up to our in-person retreats toclebrate our 3 month challenge accomplishments.
Saka aims to help women unlock their joy and sustain it in their lives while also losing weight, having self care and getting fit. There is nothing like Saka ®.
Patrice D'Evans shares that Saka ® was inspired by God over 20 years ago. And in 2012 - 2013 she launched the God inspired Saka ® 30 minute DVD. It is still transforming women's lives, body, mind and spirit until this day. For over 10 years Saka has been transforming women's live with several testimonials along the way.
When Patrice was led by God to go online in 2016 she did and now she is back here on the original platform that she was led to use for Saka streaming online. Now that all dance fitness is online, because of the pandemic, Patrice had already begun to do it in obedience. This is our updated version of Saka online with songs from her live class and new online classes. We are so pleased to present Saka as a Nonprofit as of 2021. God is GREAT!!!! Please enjoy Saka and welcome to the Saka Party!

  • Saka ® Core Fit for Women 30 min. classes

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    The Saka Online Women's program is all encompassing. Follow the Saka classes by the month, part A and B monthly, to get you through your 3 Month Challenge leading you to our in-person retreat celebration in June. Upon joining, make sure you have joined the Saka private Facebook group and commun...